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"Ashley Sligh" <asligh at hotmail_com> wrote:
> Hey all,
> I gottah 29-gal that's starting to get some BBA.  I don't want to break the 
> tank down and bleach everything and I'm looking to H2O2 as an alternative.  
> Can any one give me some info on H2O2 dosing?  I am going to run a siphon 
> from a peroxide bottle to my sump and control the rate of the dosing via an 
> air control valve. Would 1 drop per 5 seconds be too much/too little?  What 
> about 1 drop/10 sec..etc..?
> Any insight would be greatly appreciated

Don't expect H2O2 do a thing to BBA. If you have Blue-Green Algae (BGA), it
*may* work without killing your fish and plants, but it is far safer and
easier to just remove it mechanically and readjust the water chemistry and
flow parameters to make it unwelcome.

Black Brush Algae (BBA), also known as red algae even when it isn't, is a
tough set of well-anchored short tufts that are ignored by most fish. Really
hungry SAEs eat it, and are one of the main reasons we keep them.
Unfortunately, you have to starve the entire tank to get them to do much

Do what I do. Learn to love the looks of a waving field of BBA in the tank.
I once had a 3' log completely covered with it in a 55G tank. It was a deep
purple, flowed and rippled in the current, and just looked like a fabulous
thick velvet carpet.

Flame shield quietly being raised. ;-)


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