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> Subject: phosphate removal poll
> Hi,
> What are everyone's favorite methods of phosphate removal?
> I've come
> across a number of products in pet catalogs, including pads
> and resins.
> I'm just wondering what plant people like and what works best.
> Thanks.
> Amy

A well growing tank with good light and CO2 will remove large
amounts of P daily. My tanks eat about 0.2ppm a day from some
test I did.
If your tank is P starved this(0.2ppm) will be used in hours.
I add P to my tanks. Why would I remove it? Algae? Ha! I get
less algae when I add it. This is a narrow range of P though.
Don't add 3ppm and expect your plants to grow even more. Try 0.2
to .4ppm in 2x a week pulses if there's not much in the tap.
If there's a fair amout in the tap(1.0ppm or so) just do a water
change once a week. If there's a good supply of CO2, it should
not cause anything but growth if you are adding nutrients like
K, Traces etc. Keep the NO3 moderate to low(5pp or less but not
Tom Barr

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