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Re: Aphids

I'm sorry, I missed the original q about aphids, I presume someone's got
an aphid problem? If it is possible, I've found that the best thing for
aphids is to submerge the plants for a few hours. My fish love them! The
quickest way I've seen of getting pencil fish to spawn is to give them
aphids as an apperatif;-). Most other fish will do so too, my pencils
were spawning within 5 mins of their feast!

>Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2000 06:40:58 -0800
>From: Jonathan Peakall <jpeakall at mcn_org>
>Subject: Aphids

>Safer soap works quite well on aphids, and is certainly less nasty than
>pyrethins. What affect it would have on an aquarium, I don't know. BTW,
>didja know that the lowly aphid is the highest (most complex) organism
>capable of asexual reproduction?

>Jonathan Peakall