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Stopping Nibblers

I found another very small juvenile "Colombian red
fin" tetra today.  It used to be that I would only
find one like this a month, but since I took all those
MTS out, I've been seeing a lot more.  Six at once
I like seeing all this new life appear in my tank, and
they look nice, so they're definitely staying.  

Staying, even though they ate all my Hemianthus and
still nibble on H. polysperma leaves.  I've pretty
much accepted that, but I'm wondering if there's
anything I haven't thought of that might keep that
down.  I noticed looking in the contest showcase (very
nice tanks by the way) that Roger Miller has them in
his tank.  Have you experienced any nibbling Roger?

I wonder if giving them some kind of vegtable matter
might help.  

If anyone can pin down the exact scientific name of
these guys, I would be most appreciative.  

Thanks, Cavan.

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