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RE:Diseased Ottos

   Bill:In my experience,Otto's just dont ship well and as a result(even for
the good shops)there is some attrition over the first few days.This does not
release the shop from an obligation to stand behind what they have sold
you.(If they were smart,they would'nt even sell them untill they recover from
  I would not buy Otto's that had not been @ the shop for less than a week,
and by observation it will be apparent if they have recovered from transit or
not. Look for good colour,(no "cloudy"white look to the skin, and the tails
should be spread wide, any with clamping are to be avoided,as are any with
hollow bellies.
  Once you get them home,they need FOOD...so either turn them loose on that
algae infested quarintine tank, or drop in some Zuchinni, as the quickest road
to recovery is down a well fed road:)
                                              HTH   James(Western Canada)

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