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PMDD ingredient source

I just found a place that looks to be a good source for pmdd stuff.

The place is www.yardgeek.com.   I just placed an order there, so I'll
report the quality of service once the product arrives.

First of all, they carry Green-light stump remover.   But, even
better, they sell Potassium Nitrate, by the pound, for $1.48 per
pound.    They also sell Muriate of Potash, which is Potassium
Chloride.  This is the form of potassium used in many of the potassium
additives.    4 pounds!  is $2.98.

And if anyone plans on using Profile Clay Soil Conditioner or Profile
Aquatic Plant soil, check this out:  They've got one product labeled:
Turface Regular Soil Amendment, which sounds from the description to
be just like Profile Clay Soil conditioner.  And 20 pounds is $4.99.
But even better, they sell Turface MVP, which has been reported to be
the same thing as profile, $7.95 for a 50 pound bag.

Shipping costs seem reasonable, I just ordered 4 pounds of potassium,
and 1 pound of Potassium nitrate, shipping charge (UPS Ground) was
$5.90.   (more than the cost of the product, but the total price isn't
bad, and it's more than enough to last a long time)

If you are looking for the potassium chloride on their site, search
for Potash. 

Chuck Gadd