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R/O Right & startup

I am at the point of having filled my first "high-tech" tank and now the
questions start.  I have read a considerable number of past postings on
the APD and several different web sites.  I really do appreciate all the
time and energy that so many have put into helping others to understand
planted tanks.  However, now that my tank is up I can't seem to dig
through the information fast enough.  Please let me know if my questions
are out of order.  I am sure that most of you have answered the same or
similar questions many times.  I just need to keep this moving in the
right direction.  Enough said.

Setup - The tank is a 75gal. with high pressure Co2 via Eheim
counter/diffuser, Substrate Gold in #20 red flint, 160 watts flourescent
light driven by Ice Cap, RO water with Kent R/O right, supplemental
fertilazation with Liquid Gold.    Current parameters - GH = 3, KH = 2,
and PH = 5.0, and Fe = 0.5 mg/l.  I am not an "old pro" at using the
test kits. Reported values more likely to be higher than actual as
opposed to lower.

I added 1/2 teaspoon Kent R/O Right to each 10 gallons of RO water per
LFS advice.  However, the container indicates that as much as 1 t. / 10
gal. produces soft water.  Here is the question - should I raise the
hardness with more RO Right, add coral etc. to the filter, or add baking
soda(?) to the water  to get hardness up.  It seems that adding the RO
right would be the simplest and most consistent but I just don't know.
Will changing the KH raise the PH?  I know this is water 101 for all of
you, but I really do appreciate any help.

Jay Reeves