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How to treat ich in a planted tank?

I'd go with the old standby maracide - by mardel labs
- doesn't harm the
biofilter, plants, scaleless fish, etc, etc.  It's not
the usual malachite
green (although it is green) there's a combination of
several compounds in
this stuff, and it works.  I've never had ich survive,
and it doesn't stain
the silicone either.

Just ignore that nice green color in the water for a

Derek Johnson "BlueEyes"
djohnson1981 at yahoo_com

> A few days ago, I added 25 cardinal tetras to my 60
gallon planted tank.
> Today I noticed one of the tetras rub himself to a
plant and saw a white
> on one of its fins. I suspect that it's ich.
> I looked in the archive on how to treat ich in a
planted tank without
> causing any harm to the plants, but all the
information in those posts is
> quite old. So if anyone has some recent information
on treating ich in a
> planted tank WITHOUT causing any harm to the plants,
please share it with
> me.
> Davy Cleys
> davy.cleys at skynet_be

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