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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #685

>> 1)First, instead of using bottled water and adding pmdd or something
>> similar, I am considering using the water out of my tap to save the hassle.
>> I tested the pH out of my tap and it is around 7.4-7.6, but I ran out of the
>> EDTA indicator for my hardness test, but based on previous experiences with
>> this areas water, it probably is moderately hard. Will this be okay for most
>> plants? Would you suggest adding anything like peat to help soften? The pH
>> will go down some as I will be using CO2.

*If you live in Marin, it has perfect tap water for plants.
Test your KH to see what it is. Most every store carries this one and it is
cheap, about 4-5$. P varies from about .4-.5ppm to around 1.2ppm in that
Adjust your pH to match a good level off the pH/KH/CO2 table. I highly doubt
there is any reason what so ever to resort to adding RO water or using peat
especially in your area. Unless you really like the hassle:)

>> 2)CO2 tank - I looked and printed out a bunch of info on
>> http://www.thekrib.com and I know what parts I need(basically) for a DIY
>> setup(without the manual electronics). Correct me if I'm wrong, but I need:

>> 1)1-10/20 lb CO2 tank

This is a nice size and will last you for well over a year or so.

>> 2)pressure regulator attachment(1200psi-->50psi)

You can get these from Keg Works etc for cheap. Dave Gomberg has em too. He
lives there in the North bay as well. Need any macro nutrients he's got
those as well.

>> 3)needle valve attachment

M3' has a good ones for 19$

>> 4)CO2-approved airline tubing(?)

Silicone has been fine for me for many years. Keep the line short and I
really doubt at low pressures you will lose much to ever see a difference or
justify the cost of special tubing.

>> 5)Airline solonoid

I would pass on a soliniod. You don't need it. It will save some Gas but not
much to justify the expense. Diamond Hydroponics has em for about 39.99. Not
sure if they are still that price. That was 10 years ago:)

>> Does anyone have recommendations of the best places to get these things? I
>> heard that Welding/Plumbing stores are good for some and home brewing places
>> are good for others.

Home brew for the reg's. Look around for the tanks or get one from a welding
place. I got mine from a member in SFBAAPS for dirt. Needle valves from Ed
at Monolith Marine Monsters(19$).

I would like to do this for the least amount of $
>> possible. I am in the SF Bay Area(north bay). Any help or suggestions? Thank
>> you.
>> Ryan Ingram

Your best bet is to sign up and join SFBAAPS and get on "the list". They
have meetings and you will learn so much more and find out were to get cool
plant stuff and free trimmings and speakers like Claus of Tropica or Karen
Randall or Neil Frank or see way cool tanks like Steve Dixon's 175 gallon
Bow front with ever so tasty stem plants and other nifty things. See what
they are doing. You'll save your self lots of grief by doing this. Some
members can help you set up your own CO2 set up. I'll be back up that
way(Marin county) around Xmas time as well. Plants can be had at SFAS
auctions on the first Friday of the month at 8pm at Gold Gate Park, the
Academy of Sciences(not Dec due to Xmas party). Stop in at Albany Aquarium
to see Steve's old 125 redone by Jeff K. the Treasurer of SFBAAPS
Take care
Tom Barr