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Fluval filters


I used a 303 for years in a fish only tank and it worked great.I recently
purchased the 404 (same as 304 but larger) and it has many improvements over
the 03 series filters and I am very pleased with it.  When I finally saw the
light and went with plants the spray bar was removed. If for some reason you
like the spray effect, the 04's have a height adjustable output which
enables you to control the level of surface agitation. 

My $.02 is that you go with the 404.

Dan Simon

> Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 00:30:57 -0500
> From: Dave Kotschi <dkotschi at mindspring_com>
> Subject: Cannister Filters
> I'm going to buy a Fluval cannister filter and am trying to decide between
> the 303 and the 304.  The 303 is older but comes with a spray bar.  The
> 304 
> is newer but no spray bar.  What do you think of the spray bar and if it's
> useful, how easy is it to make one?