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Re: disinfection/beard algae

Cavan wrote:

> What I mean to say is, if you introduced a sample of
> every type of algae known to be a problem in planted
> tanks before you get things going, all but beard algae
> will disappear.  

Well, beard algae might not disappear as quickly, but it won't spread
unless conditions in the tank encourage it.    If you have a plant
that has lots of beard algae on the leaves, then manual removal of
the algae, or simply clipping the heavily covered leaves is often
a good solution.    

Introducing an algae infected plant will not cause an algae outbreak.  It's
the tank conditions that cause the outbreak.   I have added plants covered
with every algea I've ever seen at some time, and none have caused an

I don't think it's possible to prevent algae by disinfecting/dipping

Chuck Gadd