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Large DIY CO2 Generator

I went to a local beer and wine store.  They have a device that is used for
pumping wine or beer.  (I don't make wine/beer and have know idea why they
pump it).  It is 7 or 8 litres made of very durable plastic.  It has a pump
handle on top that can be sealed and locked.  To one side of the top there
is a hole with a screw on lid.  The lid has a hole for tubing.  On the other
side at the top is another hole with screw on lid.  This lid has a spring
loaded pressure release valve.  It reminds me of the valves that were on top
of old pressure cooker lids but of course they did not have a spring.

This seems like an ideal vessel for yeast CO2 generation.  It costs under
15.00 Canadian.  I do have some questions.

Anybody seen or tried to use something like this?
Is it too large?
How full does it need to be to work?  (Could you make a four litre mixture
or would pressure be a problem?)
If it might work would I just take the 2 litre pop bottle recipe and
multiply by 4?

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to the readers in the US.