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Re: Large DIY CO2 Generator

gomckenz wrote:

This seems like an ideal vessel for yeast CO2 generation.  It costs under
15.00 Canadian.  I do have some questions.

Anybody seen or tried to use something like this?
Is it too large?
How full does it need to be to work?  (Could you make a four litre mixture
or would pressure be a problem?)
If it might work would I just take the 2 litre pop bottle recipe and
multiply by 4?

I reply:

It depends on the size of your tank and what sort of recipe you use. I
wouldn't put it on anything less than a 100 gallon tank. Even then you would
have to be careful that you didn't get too much CO2. The peak production
level would be pretty high.Thanks to a tip from someone else on this list, I
use 1 gallon plastic gas cans to generate CO2. I like them a lot and I like
to use two bottles and alternate them so the CO2 production stays stable. I
fill mine almost to the top. I use the same basic recipe as for a 2 liter
bottle and I just double all the ingredients including the yeast. The larger
volume seems to be more a bit more stable than the 2 liter recipe and lasts
a bit longer but doubling the recipe just seems to essentially double the
CO2 production.

Wayne Jones

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