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Re: Christmas moss

Robert H wrote:

>>~Christmas moss is HERE!!!  /<<

> OK Dwight...I'll bite. What the heck is Christmas moss? Is this another
> of you Florida name things? :)

James Purchase:

I'll bet that it is a bunch of "hanging chads", painted green for the
Holidays! <g>

Ha! Ha! >:-) .... NO.  No "hanging Chads" or "Florida names"  here.  Check
Nature Aquarium World Book#2 pgs 20-21.  Amano called it "unknown" moss. At
first glance, it looks like Javamoss (Vesicularia dubyana) or willow moss
(Fontinalis antipyretica).  This "Christmas" moss doesn't seem to require
constant trimming, grows EXTREMELY branched  (doesn't become "stringy" the
way Javamoss does) and is lighter green than the other mosses.  Seems to
create a "finer" more "puffy" look.

The name "Christmas moss" was the name OTHER LISTERS who are familiar w/
the plant called it (didn't you catch the posts a month or so back?)  B/c
it tends to branch so frequently, they say the store they got it from
called it "Christmas moss" b/c it looks branched like a Christmas tree.  No
one has been able to tell me its scientific name.  

It seems to have the same growth requirements as JM and WM.  However,  I
have been advised that it does require at least moderate light to grow well
and does less well in low light when compared to JM and WM.

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