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Brittle stems?

here's another one of those "what's missing" questions for the experts:

The stems of my plants are becoming brittle.   Growth looks good, and the 
plants are doing pretty well.   But I've noticed that on many of the plants,
the stems are brittle.  Even on new growth of plain old hygro, if I bend the
stem a little, it will snap.   Stems on my babytears are very brittle from
the middle down.  And yesterday I noticed a deformed leaf on a val, very
hard, and twisted.  I only noticed a single deformed leaf, among dozens of
big healthy normal leaves.

I fertilize daily with TMG, along with occasional doses of KNO3.  The
GH is low (7-8 degrees).   I occasionally add Calcium Carbonate to
raise the GH and KH.  While the GH is pretty low, I suspect calcium
is ok, since the snail shells on the red ramshorns and the MTS are doing
very good.

Looking thru the archives, I see some mentions of low calcium, and
others that reference Boron.   Looking at Tropica's breakdown for 
TMG, it looks like it has very little Boron.   Should it be
enough, or might I need more?    Any other nutrients that I should

Chuck Gadd