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Re: They're watching you!

In a message dated 11/19/2000 12:56:00 Pacific Standard Time, 
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

> So if they have any reason to suspect that you might be growing
>  marajuana in your basement, they will show up to make sure they get
>  their piece of the action.  If you were hypothetically growing pot, they
>  could take everything you own into custody, drop the criminal charges
>  against you due to insufficient evidence, and you would never get the
>  stuff back.
Absolutely true!  A few years ago, my vindictive ex-wife decided to cause me 
some serious problems.  After leaving me (to move in with her boyfriend, a 
local city police officer), she called the FBI and told them I was a 
"big-time drug dealer."  It was not true; all I had were some aspirin in the 
medicine chest, and nothing else.  However, 4 days later, at 7 AM in the 
morning, I had a DEA and FBI SWAT team outside my front door.  They came in 
with a search warrant (based on testimony from a "confidential informant") 
and tossed my house, to include cutting open my mattresses and couch 
cushions, removing the light switches from the walls, etc., all in a vain 
search for drugs.  However, the locals who accompanied the FBI seized my gun 
collection, worth around $10k.  Although all charges were eventually dropped, 
the guns were pronounced as "forfeited."  Although they never suggested the 
guns had been used in any crime, and although all were owned legally, I never 
did get them back, and I was never compensated for them.  I was also never 
compensated for furniture and bedding destroyed, and I got to see my 
photograph on the 6:00 O'Clock news being led out of my house in handcuffs as 
being a suspected drug dealer.  It CAN happen to you!  (So long as the news 
media says "alleged" and "suspected," they don't have any liability to you, 
either.  Lovely.)