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Re:algae and light

> as the 6700k one will probably have a fairly blue cast,
> making things look funny and possibly putting you more at risk for algae
> problems.

Not really. Folks like the look that have seen it(all 6700K's). As far algae
risk, hehe, light spectrum ain't it. 3000-8500K works fine for the plants
and does not promote algae. Your algae is coming from some other factor, not
spectrum and certainly not the PC 6700K's. I don't have trouble nor can
attribute any to the lights or spectrum. If anyone would have an issue, I
would, since I have heavy nutrients/CO2 and lots of 6700's lights.
6watts a gallon on a 20 gallon tank tends to be a bit beyond the range most
would try:) If it were a problem it would show much faster at the higher
light values. Been doing it for several years. No problems, no secrets:)

Tom Barr