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Re: Rataj and Horeman (1977) Aquarium Plants

On Sat, 18 Nov 2000, David Bundy wrote:
> At an online bookstore, I've just run across a used copy of:
> Rataj, Karel & Thomas J. Horeman. 1977. Aquarium Plants, Their
> Identification, Cultivation and Ecology. T.F.H. Publications, NJ. 448 pp.
> on sale for about $70.  Now I love reading and collecting all sorts of 
> aquatic plant literature, but $70 seems a little steep to me.  

It is steep, and Karen's review is right on the nose.  However, Rataj and
Horeman is the only reference I know of that provides identification keys
for Echinodorus and Cryptocoryne sp, so there is a sense in which their
book is unparalleled in the hobby.  They also provide some excellent
insight into the natural habitat of many of our plants.  Unfortunately it
is outdated -- especially in the case of the Cryptocoryne -- and their
advise on culturing plants doesn't come close to covering the topic.

I don't know how Kasselman's book will stack up once it is released in
English.  It has been scheduled for release for more than a year now,
but repeatedly delayed.

I recall someone (Neil Frank, perhaps?) saying there was a possibility
for a 2nd edition of Rataj and Horeman.  Does anyone know more about 
that edition?

Roger Miller