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Re: Web Sites

Edward Venn wrote (snipped):
>>Did anyone look at these websites? Is
>>there any interest in having information from Asian
>>based BBS's and lists translated and passed on to the

    Hi Edward,

    Thanks from me too, for posting those.  I wasn't able even to find 
pictures on the few I tried.  I would like to know more about what's going on 
in the hobby there, and would appreciate anything you'd want to pass along.  
By the way, what's a BBS?

    And Thanks Paul M., for listing some favorite links.  I checked out the 
'Optimal' site, and I've never seen anything like that very high-tech looking 
set-up -  wild.  Pretty and impressive tank.  Really enjoyed it.
I don't know of any lesser known links to add, but hope others will.


    Zach K