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Re: Dead Ghost Shrimp

I have a lot of ghost shrimp in my tanks. I've seen them do the white
thing, then die too, but only with new ones. Once established I haven't
seen them do this. I don't know for sure, but I believe it's some sort
of disease. I wouldn't add new ones to established ones. I'd remove any
as soon as they start going white, once you get a group of them that
stay healthy I'd try to breed more of them, to get the quantity you
need, and not introduce any new ones. They will reproduce very well in a
heavily planted tank as long as there aren't any really predatory fish.
I find in some tanks they reproduce too much. They are great for eating
hair algae, and keeping the tank nice. 

They do have a couple down sides you should be aware of. They will eat
fish eggs, and, if they can catch them, fish. They don't eat fish much,
usually only if the fish is on it's way out anyway, but they can catch
fry sometimes and eat them. I don't have too much trouble with them with
livebearers that breed in the tanks, but I know they catch the fry
sometimes. One time I was moving some fish and shrimp from my fishroom
to a tank in the living room and had both in a pitcher with a small
amount of water. A large shrimp killed a nice healthy female guppy. This
was the only time I've seen one get a healthy adult fish, and I'm sure
it was just because the space was limited. Still it's good to know what
they can do.