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Dead Ghost Shrimp

Hi. I am kind of new at the planted aquariums, less than a year. 

Most of my ghost shrimps have died. Their shells turned white several days
before they died. They all didn't died at the same time, this occurred over
a 2 month period and there are still a couple that look OK.

I have a 29gal tank heavily planted with Ceratopteris thalictroides(Water
Sprite), some Anacharis, some Cabomba caroliniana (Green Cabomba) and some
Crypt. Wendti. All appear to be growing OK. I use kitty litter and gravel
for my substrate, 50W of fluorescent lights, a Whisper filter w/o activated
charcoal, DIY CO2(yeast) and 1.5ml of Leaf Zone every 2 days. PH:6.8 - 6.5
Never have read any ammonia. 20% weekly water changes.

The shrimp only cost 0.30$ each and they are always available, but... I hate
to save them from being food, to kill them on my aquariums.

Any hints will be appreciated.

Manuel Santi
Erie, CO