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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #641

At 11:53 PM 11/2/00 -0500, Wright wrote:
>CO2 tanks dump, with a single regulator -- some worse than others, but all 
>do it.

Actually, Wright, I believe Neil Travis was right when he said it was 
possible to design a regulator without the helper piston that all of ours 
use.  Such a regulator would be good to the last drop.   Sad to say, 
Cornelius and Norgren, the top two American makers, do not make such a 
model.  Victor makes a regulator with a smaller piston (and less dumping), 
but they claim that since they are an ISO 9001 company they cannot make a 
model to my specs by omitting one part (to permit attachment of air hose) 
and so they are not feasible to use in a production environment like 
mine.  If you don't mind fiddling, get a Victor and try modifying it.

Sidenote to Neil:  If you know of a company that sells a regulator in the 
US that depends only on output pressure for its function I would appreciate 
knowing the brand name and model if you know it.

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