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Greenhouse Lights ....Cops raid!

I got a question offlist requesting clarification on my "red flag" comment
about cops and buyers of hydroponic equipment.

I've been reading the list for a couple years now and bsaed on several
conversation on this list I've undersotood that in some locales cops get
all the hydroponic store owners to fork over lists of their costumers.
These costumers are later surrupticiously investigated.  If they meet a
certain "profile" they get raided!  I have no idea what this "profile" is
but if cops could have raided James Purchase who himself works for an
enforcement agency, then this profile may well be fairly broad indeed.  It
simply made this a possible REALITY for me that normal people could be

[Incidentally, James just told me offlist that they didn't in fact bust up
his stuff and they were very nice about the raid.  However, under Canadian
law they could have been MUCH more intrusive and disruptive and had they
chosen to be that way].

The feeling I got was people who buy hydroponic equipment are ALL treated
as potential "suspects" by Law-enforcement and may be secretly investigated
till proven otherwise.  I undersood from the postings that they may raid
your house to see for themselves (using the "profile" as probable cause)!
I'm just not sure how universal that policy is.  I'm just afraid to have my
plant business disrupted by a bunch of bungling eager-beever flatfoots
trying to make a name for themselves on the 6-0'clock news.

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