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Re: Noxious weeds and Rhonda's e-mails

Actually, while it may seem that the "weed police" were being rude and out of 
order, Rhonda should be thankful for receiving email notification instead of 
a knock on the door.

A place I once worked for moved and asked OSHA to come in and advise them 
concerning the proper way to handle certain wiring and airline issues.  OSHA 
showed up unannounced, thanked the boss for the invitation and then proceded 
to come up with $220,000 dollars in fines.  All seventeen employees found 
themselves out of work, and the machinery went up on the block to pay the 
fines.  The USDA and the "weed police" have similar authority to 
"investigate" any lead, including website information.  In truth, they acted 
with consideration and restraint by government standards.

Bob Dixon
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