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Re:Noxious Weeds

If Hygrophila polysperma and Limnophila sessiliflora are noxious weeds and 
you need a permit to transport them, how come I see them in pet stores all 
the time?

Ryan Duff
Pottstown, Pa.

 >noxious weeds, which may not be imported or moved interstate
 > without a federal noxious weed permit.
 > Congress recently passed the Plant Protection Act, which increased the
 > penalties for knowing violations (such as moving a federal noxious
 > without a permit.) Civil penalties range from $1,000 to $250,000 per
 > violation.
 > You could perform a valuable service by discouraging visitors to your
 > website from purchasing federal noxious weeds.  The complete list of
 > aquatic plants on the federal noxious weed list are :
 > Azolla pinnata (Azollaceae) (mosquito fern, water velvet)
 > Caulerpa taxifolia (Caulerpaceae)(Mediterranean clone of caulerpa)
 > Eichhornia azurea (Ponterderiaceae) (anchored waterhyacinth)
 > Hydrilla verticillata (Hydrocharitaceae) (hydrilla)
*> Hygrophila polysperma (Acanthaceae) (Miramar weed)
 > Ipomoea aquatica (Convolvulaceae) (Chinese waterspinach)
 > Lagarosiphon major (Hydrocharitaceae) (Oxygen weed)
*> Limnophila sessiliflora (Scrophulariaceae) (ambulia)
 > Melaleuca quinquenervia (Myrtaceae) (melaleuca)
 > Monochoria hastata (Pontederiaceae) (monochoria)
 > Monochoria vaginalis (Pontederiaceae) (pickerel weed)
 > Ottelia alismoides (Hydrocharitaceae) (duck-lettuce)
*> Sagittaria sagittifolia (Alismataceae) (arrowhead)
*> Salvinia spp. (Salviniaceae) (giant salvinias)
 > Solanum tampicense (Solanaceae)(wetland nightshade)
 > Sparganium erectum (Sparganiaceae) (exotic bur-reed)

 > We appreciate your help in spreading the word about prohibited aquatic
 > species.
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