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Pisces/Awave Magazine

I7m just catching up on the past posts and reading Oct 2000 of my bimonthly 
AWAVE. Koji yamazaki has been busy, travelled to Thailand and the Amazon, 
did some collecting and took lots of photos. James will have to help me put 
the arm on this guy, I want to go next time. lots of dwarf cichilids, 
mouthbrooding bettas and an article on collecting plants for the commercial 
plant industry. 1,000's of photos for all articles, all at the bookstore 
price of \1,200 or $12.00 a copy.
There is one very excellent article showing the premises for Siam Pet Fish 
Trading and their plant facility(DROOL). You commercial types would love it.
Once again here is the address, Mori san or Yamazaki san are the people to 
write to.

>Pisces Publishers Co. Ltd. Tamachi-Takeshiba Heights 2F
>2-17-2 Shibaura
>Minato-ku, 108 Tokyo, Japan
>Phone: 03-3451-1937
>Fax: 03-3451-1938

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