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Re: THAT's IT!!! (CO2 systems)

Jeff related his sad experience with a defectively designed CO2 system.

Two words: Needle valve

It seems to me that the sellers of these "dumper" systems have either
developed a blind spot for correcting a design deficiency, or cannot bring
themselves to accept responsibility for the death and anguish that these
systems are causing. It's sorta like the tobacco companies not being able to
acknowledge the fatal consequences of using their product because of the
product liability issues that will surely erupt (and have). A cheap
two-gauge regulator and a relatively cheap needle valve ($20 at M3 I
believe) will never, ever, dump CO2 because the needle valve acts as a tiny
gateway through which only the preset amount of gas can ever pass. That's
pretty idiot proof, IMO. If a product kills your fish, it is defective. If
they promised you it was safe, they lied. This being America, the potential
for restitution for damages is usually a pretty fast way to force defective
products off the market.

Austin, Texas, ya'll