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Re: THAT's IT!!! (CO2 systems)

Jeff wrote:

> This gang can argue all they want about high-pressure vs. low pressure CO2
> systems, but I have just had an all-fish death due to the "dump" of a
> "High-Pressure" system. I had 400 lbs of CO2 when I left for work this
> morning and tonight the can is empty. You can advertise all you want about
> how "safe" this type of system is if properly set up right, but the facts
> are if a system is safe it should NEVER (EVER!) do this.

Jeff, you won't find me blasting you.  You loss is a big one indeed! <:-(
I felt so bad in hearing of your loss, if I sold Discus I'd supply you a
few of 'em at cost just to cheer you up!  As-a-matter-of-fact if you get
the check or needle valves from me, I'll throw in 6 "condolence" FFF!:-)

 When I first setup a pressure system I did'nt get a check valve either.  I
did'nt lose $500.00 worth of fish (the tank never got down to 400psi) but I
did nuke a tank of FFF  because I failed to add a bubble counter!  But as
you begin to aquire as many tanks as I have DIY-Yeast Co2 just won't cut it.  

I'm curious to know how many of you have found a RELIABLE method of
splitting off Co2 from one regulator and tank to feed several aquariums
from one cylinder?  I've been messing w/ homemade manifolds and I got sick
of the instability and constant fiddleling to keep an even flow. 

As of last week, I'm out of the DIY-Co2 "business" and have mixed my last
bottle of yeast!  

I finally gave up and got the Aquarium Landscapes' 4-way manifold.  Its
proved to be a MAJOR time & $ saver because it converts continual hours of
adjusting into a one time job of seconds. 
 The flow is sweet and control is even to the tinyest bubble.  However, it
ain't cheap, but  I highly recommend its control for those w/ multiple
planted aquariums w/ expensive fish.

Check & Needle Valves: