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fluorescent tubes


I am trying to decide on which new tubes to buy. I need two 30W for my 160L
(yes, a bit low I know). And I am quite confused. I live in Denmark (Europe
:-) so I can only choose lamps that are available here.
I kind of have decided to go for full spectrum tubes as opposed to some of
the plant tubes. Both Tropica (in their book) and Diane Walstad (in her
book) recommends cool white tubes like Philips TL'D/940 and Osram
Lumilux/22-940. Both have CRI > 90, color temp. of 3800K, and a lumen output
of approx. 1600.
My first idea was to use a TL'D/940 in combination with a TL'D/950 (which is
5300K). But after talking to Philips I found out that the only the TL'D/930
(3000K) is available in 30W in the TL'D/90 series in Denmark. But this is
warm white and to low a color temp., right?
The situation is somewhat the same for Osram, but they have the
Lumilux/72-965. It has a CRI > 90 and a color temp. of approx. 6500K. It has
a color distribution of "natural sun light". They call the distribution
"biolux" but does not otherwise describe it. How does that sound? does
anybody know this tube? It has a lumen output approx. like the TL'D/90.
Osram also has the Lumilux/21-840 plus eco. It is a cool white, but only has
a CRI of 80-89. I do not know the color distribution. The interesting part
is that it has a lumen output of 2350 compared to the around 1600 of the
other tubes, so it apparently is somewhat brighter. What do you think? This
tube should also be available in higher color temps.
More general: Should I only look for CRI > 90? Which color temp. should I go
for? Should I use two different tubes? I have been doing a little reading on
the list and on the web, but most information is about US tubes. I know that
CRI, color temp. and lumen output is not really enough information, but
realistically it is all I can get.

Thanks in advance,