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Meeting Notice

The Coastal Aquarium Society invites you to attend their next meeting
November 1, 2000

This months meeting features  Steve McAdoo's highly acclaimed program
on  POISON DART FROGS, Steve  may also include some info on  the Red
Eyed Green Tree Frog as well as he maintains both amphibians.

In addition, what promises to be the largest all Cichlid show in Florida
this year, the bowl show for this month is CICHLIDS.

Come and see what great cichlids come out of the wood work for this
one.  The Coastal Aquarium Society has many members of world renown,
including some of the top cichlid breeders and keepers in the country.

As usual we will be featuring a door prize raffle, an auction and a
purchase raffle to help our fellow aquarists get and try new products
that they might not try.  Fish are always a highlight of our event.

Come Join us.

We meet at the Bank of America Building at 1237 Stickney Point Road, in
beautiful Sarasota, Florida. That is on Siesta Key at the end of Clark

Meetings start at 7:30 PM and refreshments will be served.

Check out our Web Pages at: http://coastalaquariumsociety.webjump.com/

Again Please come join the fun.

Sea you there,

Best Fishes,

Mr. Fish

            ~~~   {