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Re:Clown Loaches

> Hi there,
> I've got a 25 gallon planted tank, a size that is rather small. I'm not
> facing a snail outbreak in my tank, they are not likely MTS's, not a
> cone-shaped snail. I've been suggested a solution by putting a clown loach
> to control them. Since my tank is quite small and  a clown loach is big, is
> there any other fish that is able to control snails? Small Puffer?
> If I put a small clown loach in my small tank, will it then grow to its
> full-size in the tank? I've been thinking about putting a tiny one in,
> instead an adult clown loach. Any suggestion, please?
> Arthit
> =============
> Arthit Prasartkul
> 38/4 Sukhumvit 15
> Bangkok 10110
> Thailand

One of the best snail killers out there is Botia striata (Zebra loach). They
stay very small(3-4" max and not as chunky nor as aggressive as many of the
other loaches). They also make a great schooling loach for smaller tanks. A
clown loach will take some time to grow....depending on what you feed it.
I've fed mine well and they get 6 inches in two-three years in a big tank.
In a more starved plant tank they got about 4 inches or so.
But they are happier with more food:) I would be as well.
Tom Barr