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Re: NO3's

> could anyone refer me to any CHEAP ways of removing my nitrates and things,
> ie.cheap ro filters for 1, 13gal tank. aren't there any bacteria that eat up
> the nitrates like the ammonia and nitrite eating ones?
> as i keep on pointing out, my tank seems very healthy, if a little green in
> the water. but i am getting increasingly worried.
> i hope the nitrates in the tap water can be sorted out, and/or its a faulty
> nitrate test kit. the test kits i useare dry-tab ones. i know that when
> using things like ammo-lok the ammonia test kit picks it up even though it's
> been changed into a less harmful type, could it be the test kits picking
> other less harmful nitrates?
> i hope you can answer my questions/mumblings
> Regards,
> Chris Moody,
> Aka, The Zpyder
> zpyder at btinternet_com
> zpyder at hotmail_com
> http://www.zpyder.co.uk

You are the one with the 90ppm NO3's out of the tap right? If so call the
water department and ask for a report or look it up on their web site. I
hope you misread the that level. You can call them and cross check your kit
against their measurements. I don't believe a level that high would be over
looked for tap water.....wastewater dumps are another story.
Even at 10 ppm you should be okay if you can get the plants growing but they
need the old 3 things : Light, CO2 and nutrients. You got most of the
nutrient thing down:) See about the KH/pH for your CO2(check the archives
out) and good lighting. Get fast growing plants and a bunch of them(ask for
freebies etc). That will take out your NO3 if you do it right. PO4, K and
others for that matter.
Tom Barr