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Edward Venn- Re: Pisces Press

    Hello Edward,

    The last time that you mentioned Pisces Press's publications, and spoke 
so highly of them, I tried to find their website but couldn't.  I'd really 
like to see one or two of those magazines after what you've said, (and maybe 
others on this list would too), so if you could manage to find the time to 
pass along the web-address, or could suggest a way that I could get in touch 
with them ( I live in the U.S.) I would really appreciate it.

    Also, you mentioned that you plan to do a hybrid tank, of a type that 
Amano doesn't do.  Would you say more about what you are planning to do?  And 
you mentioned Amano's tank dimension/construction preferences- what does 
"Mori-San" prefer?