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Re: Edward Venn- Re: Pisces Press

Zchryk at aol_com wrote:

>Hello Edward,
> The last time that you mentioned Pisces Press's publications, and spoke
>so highly of them, I tried to find their website but couldn't.  I'd really
>like to see one or two of those magazines after what you've said, (and
>others on this list would too), so if you could manage to find the time to
>pass along the web-address, or could suggest a way that I could get in
>with them ( I live in the U.S.) I would really appreciate it.

  I too looked for their website after reading this post, but I was also
unable to find one. Pisces Publishers Co. Ltd. is the Japanese equivalent of
TFH Publication. Most pet and aquarium stores sell at least a few
publications by Pisces. I myself managed to pick up a few when I was in
Japan. Mostly I have their plant and fish catalogs, but my favorite is the
'Picture Book of Aquarium Layout & Water-Plants' ISBN: 4-938780-16-X C3676.
This 360 page book is filled with many different biotopes, layouts, ideas,
pictures, plant species, and shop advertisements. Great book.

  I did see that Amazon at one time turned up one of Pisces catalogs when I
was searching for aquarium books. Amazon wanted close to $100 for a catalog
that is only around $40 in Japan. No thanks. If you do find any decent
prices on their publications all of us here might want to know about it. I
can't recommend the Layout book I mentioned above enough. I bought it for
38,000 yen, or $35. Even if you find it for $50 it might be a nice book to
pick up.

Pisces Publishers Co. Ltd. Contact Info
Tamachi-Takeshiba Heights 2F
2-17-2 Shibaura
Minato-ku, 108 Tokyo, Japan
Phone: 03-3451-1937
Fax: 03-3451-1938

Ryan Stover