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SAEs and corys

I apologize that this is probably too much of a fish question instead of a
plant question, but it seems people on this list have more SAE experience
than most.

As described in my previous post, I have a newish 20 gallon long tank
(about 3 months).  It's been through one kind of algae after another, but
the last month has had an increasing problem with what I'd describe as a
filamentous algae.  The fish were ottos, corys, and cardinal tetras.  The
ottos won't touch this algae.  I read through the archives and all the
recommended algae eaters get far larger than anything I want to keep, but
in the end I went and got a couple of small SAEs.  I'd say without tail
they're maybe 1-1/4 inch now, certainly no longer than the ottos.  My hope
is I can find someone to give them a home when they get too big for me.
They are, bless their tiny hearts, munching steadily away at this obnoxious
algae and are making some headway in spite of their relatively small size
compared to the amount of algae.

However, since I added them to the tank, the corys have stopped buzzing
around and are huddling behind some plants.  The cardinals are being their
usual busybody selves, and the ottos don't seem too worried.  Last night I
put an algae wafer in for the corys, specifically putting it in the area
they were huddling, and this morning, one of the SAEs was sitting on the
remainder of the wafer and the corys were hiding again.  I don't see
anything overtly aggressive about these SAEs.  Is this typical of these two
kinds of fish?

Ellen O'Connell
mailto:oconnell_wadeash at ix_netcom.com