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Utricularia Gibba

    Speaking of hard-to-get-rid-of plants, I have a hairgrass tank in which 
maybe one or two tiny pieces of Utricularia Gibba must have gotten by me when 
I planted it.  Now it's spreading in the not yet fully grown-in hairgrass, 
and I get the feeling it's there to stay- it's very difficult to remove all 
of it because it breaks so easily when you pull it out.  Today I used a comb 
to remove the bulk of it.  As I stood there combing the hairgrass I had to 
laugh about the things we end up doing for our tanks.
    It's a nice little plant which I liked with another mix of plants that I 
had before (especially because my rummy-noses really like to gobble up the 
strands, and I figure it is good for them- they search for it and graze on it 
all day long nowadays), but I don't think I will like it if it becomes part 
of the whole carpet-I was looking forward to a pure hairgrass effect.  Will I 
have to learn to live with it, or is there a way of controlling it besides a 
regular salon treatment?


    Zach K