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Re:Not Enough Algae, Otos Eating Plants...


Congradulations on the lack of algae growth.

I find that my Otos like Tetra fish food and even compete with my corys for
it.  Tonight, I my girlfriend fed them canned english peas.  They really
like that, but I think one pea is enoough to feed 6 Otos for at least a
week.  Maybe the Rineloricaria will like the peas too, but I won't know til

> Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 21:13:51 -0400
> From: Paul Mouritsen <mourip at erols_com>
> Subject: Not Enough Algae, Otos Eating Plants...
> Hi All,
> I have what may be a "new tank" problem. I have a 75G tank which has been
> planted for about a month. It is heavily planted with added CO2. Growth is
> very good. Many plants have doubled or trippled in size. After a couple of
> weeks I bought my first 4 fish, some Otocinclus. These are very active and
> enjoyable little fellows. I bought them because of what I thought was
> development of red/brown algae and also because I thought that it was time
> to start priming the bacterial population.
> Everything is fine except that I really do not have much algae yet and I
> think that the Oto's are beginning to do a bit of leaf stripping on the
> tender, pale new leaves. Should I start doing some feeding of algae wafers
> or some flake food. I am starting to get itchy to add some other fish to
> the tank anyway...
> I know that some amount of algae is bound to come and go but in the mean
> time how do I keep these little fellows full and my new growth safe?
> Thanks a lot,
> Paul