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re: 10 gallon algae

> I doubt it would a deficiency therefore. You have profile which is high in
> CEC and has according to some, a high level of iron. Getting over this
> initial hump seems to be an issue with some set ups like this. Keep picking
> on the algae, add algae grazers, water changes, keep the CO2 high and wait.
> I'd not add anything except a small amount of food for awhile personally.
> Plants should be okay as long as there is CO2 and light. Your substrate
> should be loaded. Let the plants get it from there. They will die back some,
> but should recover. This may be what happened to start with. It was a newly
> set up tank? Often swords will die back a little bit then come on strong
> once they get their roots established. It a new tank this can take a bit
> longer. And you say they have been neglected prior to adding them to this
> new tank? Patience then.

Thanks for the reply, Tom. This tank doesn't have CO2, but I guess I could borrow the CO2 tank from my larger tank for a few weeks.  

I think I'm gonna turn off the lights for a couple of days.  Most of the algae should die back and be eaten by the snails. Then I can do a massive water change.  It might not work, but it can't hurt anything. And it might tip the scales in favor of the vascular plants. 

There is some kind of deficiency here, but I don't know what it is; maybe the plants just aren't taking up minerals with their roots yet, and their reserves are depleted from their previous neglect.  I'll just keep up the water changes and see what happens.

Should I have mixed anything with the Profile, like maybe some sand to take up some of the space between the gravels?

Best regards,