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Re: stinking (sinking) riccia

I have a couple large pieces of african root wood in my 125. One is covered 
with regular Java Fern, and the other is covered with the Windelov type J. 
Fern. I have pulled out huge clumps of the floating and sinking type Riccia I 
didn't even realize were growing there, as most of it was in the brown rooty 
recesses of the J. Fern, growing on the side of the wood towards the back of 
the tank. A nice thing about the 65 gallon Amano type tank I am trying is 
that with only two plant species it is easy to thin the sinking morph out 
when needed. I have to be careful not to let it get too thick, as it acts as 
a catch all for crud. The fish swim thru it and under it, which is 
entertaining to watch.