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Postal Service Disasters

I have used the US postal "service" for several trades
in the past, but I doubt I ever will again.  After the
first couple trades I did went through without
incident, some problems have cropped up recently.

I sent Larry Lampert some plants on a Monday
("priority" mail), and it took five days for them to
get to him.  Bailin Shaw sent me some tenellus awhile
ago, and the package came back to him almost a week
later (I think) punctured and smashed.  He sent me
more last Tuesday (priority mail), and I'm hoping it
comes today, a full week later.

I'm going to look into UPS or something.  No sense in
taking risks.  NO WAY would I ever trust fish to the
postal service.  Ever.  I'm pretty mad about their
failures on both ends of my trades, and I encourage
everyone else to look into alternatives.  

Later, Cavan        in Pittsburgh

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