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Re: Postal Service Disasters

>I have used the US postal "service" for several trades
>in the past, but I doubt I ever will again.  After the
>first couple trades I did went through without
>incident, some problems have cropped up recently.

Aye, Yie, Yie!!

Can I get into postal service disasters!!  I ship a lot.  And for those who
do trades, perhaps you can use a few tricks I learned to get past some of
the zombies at the USPS.  These tactics are not perfect.  BUT, they have
cut down snafus from 1:15 to less than 1:150.

1.  Always use Priority.

2.  Always get delivery confirmation.  Place the delivery conf tag next to
the address label.

3.  Always use the USPS address labels & always use printed addresses, not
hand written ones.  Never forget a return address.

4.  Slap the USPS "Priority" stickers on at least four of the six sides of
the box (if its not a USPS box).

5.   Print "LIVE PLANTS!! Please keep away form HEAT!"  to the right of
your return address.

6. Optional:  Insure it for $50.00 [ Why $50.00?  Costs the same as ins.
for $10.00 and the nimrods NEVER lose it! ]  Assuming the mass of the box
is less than 1lb the total cost for shipping will now be $4.55.

UPS is not an option for me.

Check out the Skill of this Aquarist:
~Awesome!  More pics coming in 24hrs!