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Re: Mailing Fish

There is one additional "trick" to mailing fish that hasn't been mentioned.

You MUST be sure that the fish is cleaned out so it won't pollute the bag
with wastes. This is especially important if the pH of the water is over 7
where it can be toxic ammonia and not ammonium as is found at pH's under 7.
Not feeding the fish for at least 3-4 days, up to a week is better, goes a
long way to not having the fish swimming in a toxic soup upon arrival.

Recently I received a box of fish via USPS Priority. As SOON as I started to
open the styro I could smell ammonia. It was so bad I gagged. One fish was
dead, the other two gilled hard at water's surface due to the gill damage
they suffered from ammonia in their bag. They didn't live longer than 4 or 5


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> You CAN do it.  However, you should plan on the shipment taking 2-3days.
> There are a few tricks I've learned from fellow listers that work for me: