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Hello Folks!
     I have read the article in PAM (Planted Aquarium Magazine) on the topic
of substrates.  However, I am curious about two other substrates not
mentioned in the article that are easily available.  They are Lava rock and
pumice.  I have heard and read that these are good for plants and am
assuming they should offer quite a variety of nutrients which rooted plants
could get to for their uses.  Does anyone have any experience with these two
as substrate additives.  The lava rock I can find at the hydroponics
suppliers and I have some pumice on hand.  I have heard that lava or the ash
from volcanic sources is nutrient rich.  Friends of mine living in Montana
had gardens which after being fertilized naturally by the Mount Saint
Hellens eruption, produced monstrous vegetables.  Maybe its the ash that's
needed.  If so, where do I get some of it to add to my substrate?
Thanks, Diana  

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