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Re: Jordanella & Japonica (J&J)

On Thu, 5 Oct 2000, Elaine wrote:

> has anyone had a problem with their Jordonellas eating their japonica
> shrimp?  My shrimp population, while never being seen all at one time is now
> not seen at all.  The neons and guppies seem to be intact, but the shrimp
> are a no see.  The shrimp were sharing the same cover(large clumps of Java
> Moss) as the JFs so maybe this contributed to their demise???
> Oh yeah this is a 55g tank

I had 5 Japonica in a tank to which I added 3 Jordanella (JFlo?).  A few
days later I had 4 Japonica.  I think one molted and became lunch.  The
shrimp have molted since then without becoming fish food, so maybe we're
over that problem.

I also found that I couldn't keep the JFlo with fancy male guppies.  That
only took a few minutes to figure out.  I think their tails will grow back

Roger Miller