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Re: Reflectors and glass

Johnpitselos2000 at cs_com wrote:

> I want to ad a reflector to my double tube Perfecto 48" strip light.  Any 
> sources or ideas?  Also, if I put this over a glass shield what will the 
> results in the light entering the tank be and what will the effects on the 
> plants be?

If your double tube Perfecto 48" strip light is of the same construction of
my ex double tube Perfecto 36" strip light, forget it. There is just not
enough room inside to retrofit a reflector. The tubes will block most of
it anyway. The only thing I would try to augment the light output is to
paint in white the lower internal edges of the black plastic case. In my 
ex strip light the white enameled reflector didn't go all the way down 
to the bottom of the plastic case, and some of the black material was in
fact acting as "reflector. Painting that in white would increase the total
light output a tad.

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD