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Blue light and red plants

I need to replace the light bulbs (fluorescent) over my 20-gallon high
tank. I have a banana plant and an african tiger lotus that have produced
red or reddish leaves, but more often green leaves. I have 3 bulbs: 2
20-watt bulbs in one strip on the front, and a 15 watt on the other
strip, which is behind this. I'm thinking of buying a 15 watt and a 20
watt GE Aqua Rays Fresh/Saltwater Fluorescent and one 20 watt GE Aqua
Rays Saltwater Blue Fluorescent. Does any think this combination will
acheive the desired effect, which is to encourage more red leaves on the
afore-mentioned plants, w/o sacrificing appearence and w/o harming green
plants? Of course, I don't want to encourage algae growth, either. Thanks
for any comments.

Jim N 
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