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Re:Hydrocotyle verticillata.

Alireza Sedarat wrote:

Hi all, does anyone know the requirements for Hydrocotyle verticillata?
Specifically does it prefer a nutritient rich substrate or does it get most
nutrients from the water column?  Anything you can tell me is appreciated :)

H. verticillata does need to be rooted in substrate, even though it does
grow up towards the water surface with bunches of roots growing down from
every node. It is at its best when it is kept trimmed.   It probably does
get a lot of nutrients from the water column, but it needs to be rooted to
get iron from whatever it was that you put below the top gravel layer
(laterite, fluorite, kitty litter, soil, or some other mix).  Perhaps if
you have a good supply of chelated iron in the water, it could be grown in
washed gravel.

Paul Krombholz, in cool, but dry central Mississippi.