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Re: CO2 regulators

On Mon, 2 Oct 2000, Paul Sears wrote:

> The absolute pressure is about 100 kPa higher (15 psi
> or so).  The other wrinkle is that CO2 in equilibrium with the liquid is
> at a high enough pressure to act as anything but an ideal gas, so the answer
> to the calculation will be very approximate.

According to my table, saturated CO2 at standard temperate (25 C) is 238.7
kg/cubic meter.  From the ideal gas law I get the density of CO2 at 10
psig (1.7 atmospheres, absolute) to be 4.036 kg/cubic meter; at 25 psig I
get 4.923 kg/cubic meter.  In going from roughly 900 psig to 10 or 25 psig
at the same temperature CO2 expands to (respectively) 78 to 48 times its
original volume.

Roger Miller