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Begging displays

The latest Scientific American has an article about begging
displays offspring put on for their parents (chicks chirping,
babies crying, etc.) .  The main contention is that these displays
evolved to inform the parents that their offspring are healthy and
therefore worth the investment of time and effort.

Although I'm not their parents, my fish (swordtails, mollies,
angels) beg via vigorous swimming displays.  Just getting
food doesn't seem to be entirely the point.  Many individuals
are so busy swimming vigorously nose-to-glass that they
miss the food dropped just behind their heads.

None of my fish are wild forms.  They come from stock that
was collected in the wild 30 years (I'm guessing) or so ago.
My question is, did this begging display evolve during the
generations since then as a way of convincing the aquarist not
to abandon them?

Therefore my question is directed those of you who have
wild-caught fish.  Do these fish beg with vigorous swimming