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Looking for MTS...


I have reached the critters stage in setting up my tank but am having
trouble finding any Malaysian Trumpet snails locally in Washington, DC. I
wonder if anyone on the list either knows of a local(DC,MD,VA) source for
them or would be up for sending me some. I will gladly pay shipping plus
add enough to buy you a good Merlot :-)

I tried The Aquarium Center in Randallstown but they did not have them.
That is an amazing store, BTW. It is about the size of a large supermarket
and has about 600 tanks. Huge. Half of the floor space is dry goods. They
probably had 30 to 40 tanks for just plants...For those who are looking for
mail order, the plants look very good and healthy . I bought a few Anubias. 

Please respond off line if you are up for sending me some of your would-be


Paul Mouritsen
Washington, DC
mourip @ erols . com


           Paul Mouritsen.....mourip @ erols . com

                           Washington, DC
     If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans...